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This is a wonderful ministry for a family.  These adults and youth greet people as they enter church and give them a bulletin.

Altar Server

Altar servers assist the priest at Mass and learn about the Liturgy.  This ministry is open to any boy or girl in fourth grade or higher who has received 1st Holy Communion.  Training will be provided.


Offertory Gifts Bearer

Individuals or families are encouraged to become more fully involved in Mass by presenting the gifts of bread, wine and the collection to the priest.  Anniversaries, birthdays, or special occasions are great times to offer to do this ministry.



This ministry provides accompanists for our cantors and choir at Masses.


Choir Member

Anyone who enjoys choral singing and leading the Assembly in song is welcomed to this ministry.  The choir normally practices an hour before singing at the Sunday Mass.  Other rehearsals may be held for special Liturgies such as Holy Week, Christmas, etc.



Cantors lead the congregation in responses and psalms and also sing or chant the other portions of the Mass as required by the Liturgy.  A good singing voice is required as well as being dedicated and well-prepared to project a combination of joy and reverence.



Lectors serve the needs of the Eucharistic Assembly by proclaiming the Word of God at Mass. This ministry demands far more than the ability to read well in public. These readers proclaim the Word of God that strengthens the faith of God's people.


Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion help distribute the Body and Blood of Christ during Communion at Mass.  Adults and those confirmed in good standing with the Catholic Church are invited to this ministry.  Training will be provided..



The ushers welcome and assist parishioners and guests in finding seats.  During offertory, they pass the collection baskets.  One usher locks the doors a few minutes after Mass begins and returns the key to the priest after Mass.



Sacristan duties include arriving early to unlock the doors, setting out the items needed for Mass, assisting altar servers, putting items away after Mass, and locking the doors.



Volunteer Coordinator
Jill Connell